Young Rider Sponsorship Program

I am committed to supporting the future of equestrian sports and capturing the journey of  talented young riders. 

I take great pleasure in following them through the highs and sometimes lows as the progress in their chosen discipline. By documenting their journey they are able to look. back and see how far they have come.

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An introduction to my past and present teams are below.


CHANIE & BANJO 2019 / 2020

Chanie is 15 and from Weymouth and Banjo (Lowermoor606) is a 13 year old Dartmoor X Gelding. 

They have been together for 5 years and although Banjo loves all competitions they specialise in Carriage Driving and Showing. 

So far they have done amazingly well together winning the Young driver Championship 2018 at Smiths Lawn where they went on to meet the Queen and Duke.

Their good luck continued throughout the season and they have lots more shows planned for 2019.

Chanie's aim for the future is to try some Horse of the Year qualifiers and do some private driving. 

Find more pictures here - p786300714

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Chanie.Banjo 2019 (1 of 1)Chanie.Banjo 2019 (1 of 1)

BECKY & SAVANNAH 2019 / 2020

Becky is 19 and from Hampshire and Savannah (Savannah Black) is a 6 year old Irish Sports Horse mare.

They have been together for just over a year and love Eventing. 

Becky bought Savannah as an unbacked 5 year old and has spent the last year bringing her on, during this time they have developed a beautiful friendship.

In 2019 they started competing and were thrilled to win their first Show Jumping competition! 

Since then they have stepped up to 90cm eventing unaffiliated and have now registered with the BE.

Becky's aim is to qualify for Badminton Grassroots and to progress up to BE100. 

Find more pictures here - p380604983

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Screenshot 2019-08-12 at 07.47.37Screenshot 2019-08-12 at 07.47.37
Becky.Savannah.2019 (1 of 1)Becky.Savannah.2019 (1 of 1)

LAURA & FOXY 2019 / 2020

Laura is 16 and from Somerset and Foxy is a 9 year old Connemara mare. 

They have been together for almost two months and and although the relationship is in its early stages they are already doing exceptionally well together.

They have already started competing and placed 3rd at Emborough Horse Show

Laura hopes to event Foxy to BE80 and qualify for the British Showjumping Championships in the BS just for Schools league.

Laura also has another pony called Tiao who is an 11 year old New Forest. Tiao is currently on loan but Laura hopes to compete him in County level Showing on his return.

Find more pictures here -p864019749

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Laura and Foxy (1 of 1)Laura and Foxy (1 of 1)

CONNOR & TOBY 2019 / 2020

Connor is 18 and from Somerset and Toby (To Be Sure) is a 10 year old Selle Francais X Irish Sports Horse Gelding. 

They have been together for 3 years although Connor has been riding since the age of 4.

In the past Connor has been a  avid member of the Cattistock Pony Club from minis to seniors. He also hunted with the Cattistock hunt from the age of 7

Over the last few years Connor and Toby have enjoyed eventing together and seem to do really well in dressage. They have qualified for the NFU Mutual Summer League Dressage six times! They recently came 6th in their first BE event.

M​​​​​oving forward they aim to work up through the levels in BE.

Find more pictures here - p674800994

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Connor and Toby (1 of 1)Connor and Toby (1 of 1)


EMILY & BERTIE 2019 / 2020

Emily is 17 and from Cornwall and Bertie (Best Bet Bertie) is a 11 year old New Forest x British Show Pony Gelding

They have been working together since November 2018.

Their favourite discipline is Cross Country as Bertie loves jumping and to have a good gallop 

They have done very well so far coming home with plenty of ribbons and bagging a 5th in their first ever Hunter Trial.

Over the coming months they plan to try some one day events and continue with the Hunter Trials and Show Jumping.

Full photos here - p600846765
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Emily and Bertie (1 of 1)-2Emily and Bertie (1 of 1)-2

PHOEBE & TESSA 2018 - 2020

Phoebe is 16, originally from Cornwall, she spent 8 years in Germany before relocating to Dorset in 2019.

 Tess is a 12 year old traditional Irish cob mare.

They have been partners for the last 4 years and their favourite thing is show jumping!

In 2018 they started competing in German Tournaments and were easily jumping 85cm placing on a number of occasions. 

They have taken some time off whilst returning to the UK and are now looking forward to competing again on British soil.

Full photos here - p531186418

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Phoebe.Tessa2019 (1 of 1)-3Phoebe.Tessa2019 (1 of 1)-3

MADI & ROCKY 2018 / 2019

Madi is 14 and from Hövelhof in Germany and Rocky is a 12 year old Oldenburg Gelding.

Madi has been riding Rocky for around a year but he has been with the family since he was 3. Their favourite thing is Dressage.

In 2018 they  qualified and competed in the Westfalen Championships and she hopes they will make it to the German Championships in 2019

Full Photos here - p516117483
Madi.Rocky (1 of 1)-5Madi.Rocky (1 of 1)-5