Get In Touch

If you are looking to get some treasured images of your beloved furrbabies then it all starts here!

Firstly, don't be afraid to get in touch, I am always more than happy to have a chat about your furries and discuss your requirements, all of my packages are flexible and can be tailored to you and your pets needs.



The possibilities are endless when it comes to the kind of Images you would like, from beautiful location sessions such as a beach, stunning woodland, Urban City streets or simply in your own yard, or back garden. 

Alternatively you may like Fine Art, studio type portraits.

For location shoots we need to take into consideration the weather, for example, you may like the gorgeous colours created in a forest during the Autumn months, or a Beach location with a beautiful sunset, or for fine art flash sessions a cloudy day is preferable. 

Understanding your pets personality and making sure your pet is as comfortable and as happy as possible is very important to me, so adapting the session to their needs is paramount. You may have a timid dog or a spooky horse, so I would allow more time to ensure they feel comfortable with me and their surroundings, A high energy pet that needs to be kept active and engaged or an elderly pet who would not cope with a long session. 

We can have a detailed consultation prior to the session to ensure we are fully prepared for the day itself.


The Photoshoot Session

On the day of the session I will meet you at the agreed location and we can have a chat and you can introduce me to the stars of the show, I will have a look around and spot any ideal places for certain shots, or if required, I will set up the lighting.

Once we start, we will just go with the flow, relax and have fun, every session is different and so is every pet. The session will be led by the pet and what they are happy to do but we will no doubt need a good stash of treats and a wide vocabulary of strange and funny noises to get their attention.


After the Session 

I will look through the images taken on the day and narrow it down to the best of the best for post processing, I believe that its quality over quantity but will always ensure you have a good selection of final images to choose from.

Once complete I will give you a call or a message to let you know your online private gallery is ready, this may be presented with a slide show composed video of your session and final images. this is best viewed on a computer or laptop rather than a phone. If you do not have a lap top or computer I am more than happy to come and see you to show you the images. It can take up to 10 days to prepare your images, possibly longer at busy times.


Choosing your Artwork

Depending on your session package you will need to select a number of your favourite images to be printed or sent over in high resolution.

You will also have the option to purchase extras if you wish. If required I can offer a large variety of products from framed prints, canvas, wall art, and gifts, however there is no obligation for you to do so as you are more than welcome to use the high resolution images sent to purchase your own items at a later date.

So all that is left to do is enjoy and cherish your beautiful pet portraits.