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Tweseldown BE90

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If you know the horse world at all, you will also know that it's a life full of ups and downs, Thankfully we mostly have ups but Its safe to say today was one of those down days. 

I knew I would not make it in time to see Becky and Savannahs dressage test as it was on rather early and unfortunately myself and my own ponies are not really early risers. However I had planned to make it for the show jumping. The dressage had gone relatively well considering some areas where rather boggy.

The weather was pretty grim at home but the forecast was ok for Tweseldown so I grabbed the camera and I little body warmer and set off. On route it rained.. then rained some more and yes you guessed it....MORE RAIN! 

I also missed a turning so arrived just as Becky had finished her show jumping! Becky and Savannah had taken 8 penalties at this point.

So after I managed to find them all it was off to the Cross Country...

Tweseldown (1 of 1)-9Tweseldown (1 of 1)-9

I was quite surprised that considering the rain the ground was not too bad. The jumps looked nice too.

Tweseldown (1 of 1)-3Tweseldown (1 of 1)-3 A bit of a warm up before they were off. 1st jump clear and off they galloped out of sight.

Tweseldown (1 of 1)-5Tweseldown (1 of 1)-5 Tweseldown (1 of 1)-7Tweseldown (1 of 1)-7

I knew I was only going to be able to catch the first and last jump so I went over to the last to wait for them but unfortunately I hear on the tannoy that they parted company :-(

Thankfully both were unharmed and Becky later said that the jump was a large skinny brush and Savannah had quite simply said "No way Mum!"  She is still in the very early days of her career and is still young so of course she will sometimes question things and its the moments that are questioned that we all learn from.

So onwards and upwards to the next event.




BE 90 Gorung (9 of 41)


(Christina Draper Photography) Sat, 12 Oct 2019 18:17:21 GMT
Becky & Savannah ~ Goring Heath Horse Trials BE90 Goring Heath Horse Trials BE90

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Today Becky and Savannah attended their second BE90 at Goring Heath Horse Trials and they had a fantastic day!

The sun was shining for a start and I arrived just in time to catch them heading to the dressage arena.

Savannah looked like she was raring to go and excited for the jumping and Cross country but Becky did a super job in keeping her steady and focused. 

BE 90 Gorung (9 of 41)BE 90 Gorung (9 of 41) They finished the test with a very respectable 29.3! 

BE 90 Gorung (14 of 41)BE 90 Gorung (14 of 41)
A well deserved pat for Savannah!

We had a short break to prepare for the show jumping, Becky had walked the course and was only really concerned about one of the lines but the rest seemed pretty straight forward.

BE 90 Gorung (17 of 41)BE 90 Gorung (17 of 41)

The first fence was more like a working hunter jump but Savannah was straight over it, and I think you can see from their faces they were already loving it.

BE 90 Gorung (19 of 41)BE 90 Gorung (19 of 41) So far so good, even the one that Becky was worried about went without a hitch. Savannah managed to work it well.

BE 90 Gorung (27 of 41)BE 90 Gorung (27 of 41) Last Fence and a clear round for them, Fantastic!! 

Who would believe that this is only their second BE event and Savannah has only be backed for around a year!

Onto the Cross Country!

BE 90 Gorung (32 of 41)BE 90 Gorung (32 of 41) This is their favourite part and I was excited to see them underway, Savannah was looking completely ready and not at all phased by her surroundings.

BE 90 Gorung (34 of 41)BE 90 Gorung (34 of 41) And they were off! I had hoped that I would have time to walk over to the other side for some shots of more fences but quickly realised that at the speed they were going I had no chance!

BE 90 Gorung (38 of 41)BE 90 Gorung (38 of 41)

BE 90 Gorung (40 of 41)BE 90 Gorung (40 of 41) ​​​​​​​They finished with another clear round and within the time allowed! 

​​​​​​​Overall placing on the day was 8th which I know they are absolutely thrilled with.

​​​​​​​Well done to you both you were fantastic and I'm very proud of you. 

​​​​​​​Considering Savannahs story and that Becky only backed her a year ago this is an inspirational outcome, Im really looking forward to following your journey.





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Introducing Emily & Bertie I finally made it to Cornwall to meet my final sponsored Rider!

Emily is 17 and from Cornwall and Bertie (Best Bet Bertie) is a 11 year old New Forest x British Show Pony Gelding. 

Emily and Bertie (1 of 1)-2Emily and Bertie (1 of 1)-2

They have been working together since November 2018 and favourite discipline is Cross Country as Bertie loves jumping and to have a good gallop which I found out whilst trying to keep up with the focus on the beach.

Emily and Bertie (1 of 1)-3Emily and Bertie (1 of 1)-3

They have done very well so far coming home with plenty of ribbons and bagging a 5th in their first ever Hunter Trial.

Over the coming months they plan to try some one day events and continue with the Hunter Trials and Show Jumping and I look forward to seeing them in action.

Because Emily is the furthest away from me we decided to do this beach shoot. I knew it was going to be tricky because of time pressures with the light fading and having to shoot into direct sunlight but it was even harder than expected.

Because of shooting into direct light I had planned to use artificial light so I didn't just end up with a silhouette or blown out sky.

Bertie, bless him had other ideas. The lights were far too scary and as he already had the sea and surroundings to deal with we gave up on that idea.

I never like to push ponies beyond what they are comfortable with so in the end it was a case of rethinking, trial and error and hoping for the best!

Emily and Bertie (1 of 1)-6Emily and Bertie (1 of 1)-6 Im looking forward to seeing them both again soon :-)

You can see more of Emily and Berties Pictures here - p600846765

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Phoebe and Tessa’s return Bye Farm Show 2019 ~ Phoebe and Tessa

8 weeks after returning to the UK and time off from competing last year, Phoebe and Tessa finally made it out to their first English show.

The show was at Bye Farm in Buckhorn Weston and catered for all ages and abilities from a pole on the ground up to 90cm.

Phoebe and Tessa started their day with an unexpected entry into the 60cm relay race with team mates Robyn and Micky.

Although it was all a bit last minute, both of the girls and the ponies did incredibly well and ended up winning!!

Bye Farm 2019 (1 of 9)Bye Farm 2019 (1 of 9)

It must have been one of the hottest days of the year so they decided to let Tessa have a break and comeback out for the 80cm.

Tessa was super excited and although it was hot there was no stopping her, she flew around the course getting a clear round and securing a place in the jump off.

Bye Farm 2019 (5 of 9)Bye Farm 2019 (5 of 9)

In the jump off Tessa was still raring to go and with plenty of room to spare underneath her, she once again went clear and into the lead.

After all competitors had finished she ended up in 2nd place which they were delighted with.

Bye Farm 2019 (8 of 9)Bye Farm 2019 (8 of 9)  




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Introducing Laura and Foxy Laura is 16 and from Somerset and Foxy is a 9 year old Connemara mare. 

Laura and Foxy (1 of 1)Laura and Foxy (1 of 1) They have been together for almost two months and and although the relationship is in its early stages they are already doing exceptionally well together.

They have already started competing and placed 3rd at Emborough Horse Show

Laura and Foxy (1 of 1) 2Laura and Foxy (1 of 1) 2 Laura hopes to event Foxy to BE80 and qualify for the British Showjumping Championships in the BS just for Schools league.

Laura also has another pony called Tiao who is an 11 year old New Forest. Tiao is currently on loan but Laura hopes to compete him in County level Showing on his return.

Im looking forward to following their progress :-)

You can follow Laura on Instagram - 


Or see all of her Photos - HERE

Laura and Foxy (1 of 1)-3Laura and Foxy (1 of 1)-3


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Chanie and Banjo ~ Gillingham & Shaftesbury Show 2019 Today I spent the day mostly getting rather wet!

But I'm sure not half as wet as poor Chanie, Karen and Banjo who competed in a number of cases this morning.

Poor banjo looked rather unimpressed with it all when he came off the lorry but as usual was a complete professional when it came to the show ring.

Chanie and Banjo (1 of 1)Chanie and Banjo (1 of 1) The rain didn't seem to ease off as they continued with their classes but it didn't dampen the day and they went on to win - 

1st in the exercise class

3rd in the concours d’elegance (best turned out) 

Young driver champion

Well done to you all :-)

Chanie and Banjo (1 of 1)-6Chanie and Banjo (1 of 1)-6

As far as taking photographs goes.....really not the best day for it, the worst thing is trying to keep my glasses dry. Im pretty blind as it is without raindrops on my glasses, viewfinder and lense!

But the best thing about rubbish light is that its a good excuse to go Black and White or toned...Yay!!

I also would like to add that even though it was tipping it down, Chanie is the most smiley competitor I have ever seen! So lovely that they enjoy it so much.

Im very much looking forward to seeing them again...on a hopefully sunny day XXX

Chanie and Banjo (1 of 1)-9Chanie and Banjo (1 of 1)-9 Chanie and Banjo (1 of 1)-3Chanie and Banjo (1 of 1)-3 Chanie and Banjo (1 of 1)-11Chanie and Banjo (1 of 1)-11

You can see all of Chanie and Banjos Photos here -p786300714

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Introducing Connor and Toby This afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting Connor and Toby. 

It was rather windy today and the showers were on and off so we mainly stayed in the indoor arena for a few shots.
Connor and Toby (1 of 1)-2Connor and Toby (1 of 1)-2

Connor and Toby have been together for 3 years although Connor has been riding since thew age of 4.

In the past Connor has been a  avid member of the Cattistock Pony Club from minis to seniors. He also hunted with the Cattistock hunt from the age of 7

Toby was super, A very large handsome gentle giant, I love his eye patches!

Connor and Toby (1 of 1)-3Connor and Toby (1 of 1)-3

Over the last few years Connor and Toby have enjoyed eventing together and seem to do really well in dressage. They have qualified for the NFU Mutual Summer League Dressage six times! They recently came 6th in their first BE event.

Whilst at the yard we also met Connors new Puppy "Lottie" and oh my she is so cute!

Connor and Toby (1 of 1)-5Connor and Toby (1 of 1)-5 Phoebe was in her element giving cuddles to all of the puppies, in fact I think im lucky I managed to leave without finding a few hidden in her jacket!

Im very much looking forward to working with Connor, Toby and Lottie over the coming months :-)

Find more pictures here - p674800994

You can also follow Connor here - 



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Introducing Becky And Savannah Yesterday I met Becky and Savannah, the second of my new Sponsored Riders

Becky.Savannah.2019 (1 of 1)Becky.Savannah.2019 (1 of 1)

Becky bought Savannah as an unbacked 5 year old, she had been rescued at the age of 4 with a foal at foot and Becky met her shortly afterwards. She planned to buy her as a project to train and sell on but she quickly realised that Savannahs a keeper and has spent the last year bringing her on, during this time they have developed a beautiful friendship.

Becky.Savannah.2019 (1 of 1)-5Becky.Savannah.2019 (1 of 1)-5 In 2019 they started competing and were thrilled to win their first Show Jumping competition! Since then they have stepped up to 90cm eventing unaffiliated and have now registered with the BE.Becky's aim is to qualify for Badminton Grassroots and to progress up to BE100. 

Im very much looking forward to following their journey and sharing it with you all.

Becky.Savannah.2019 (1 of 1)-6Becky.Savannah.2019 (1 of 1)-6

For more photos of them both look here - p380604983

Becky.Savannah.2019 (1 of 1)-3Becky.Savannah.2019 (1 of 1)-3


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Introducing Chanie and Banjo Today I had the pleasure of meeting the first of my sponsored Riders.

Chanie and Banjo 

Chanie.Banjo 2019 (1 of 1)Chanie.Banjo 2019 (1 of 1)
Banjo is super handsome and very chilled. A perfect all-rounder who is enjoyed by all of the family.

Chanie usually competes Banjo Carriage Driving and has done really well since starting out with him. They won the Young Driver Championship in 2018 at Smiths Lawn where they went on to meet the Queen and Duke.

Chanie.Banjo 2019 (1 of 1)-3Chanie.Banjo 2019 (1 of 1)-3

Today they had the day off competing with the carriage so it was her sister Charlotte doing the ridden classes and mum Karen doing the In-Hand classes.
 Although Banjo was little tired he came out with a 2nd in the ridden, and 5th in the inhand.

Chanie.Banjo 2019 (1 of 1)-7Chanie.Banjo 2019 (1 of 1)-7

I’m looking forward to seeing Chanie in action next week.


(Christina Draper Photography) Cob Coloured Dorset Equestrian Equine horse In-Hand photography Pony Ridden Show Showing Sun, 04 Aug 2019 18:38:52 GMT
The Wilsmann Design Team Today I had the pleasure of attending the May Day festival at Schloss Neuhaus where the Wilsmann Design Team had put on a show including Minipony stud, Lusitanos, Knabstruppern, Frisians, PRE's under the historic ladies saddle and of course my favourite the super handsome Tinker (Irish Cob / Vanner) Stallion ❤️

Wilsmann Design actually make Historic Riding costumes as well as todays riding gear and much more.

All of the images can be found here - p495886030
White God Colour (1 of 1)White God Colour (1 of 1)


Nabby (1 of 1)Nabby (1 of 1)

Nabby Head B-W (1 of 1)Nabby Head B-W (1 of 1)

The Wilsmann Design Team 155The Wilsmann Design Team 155

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Madi And Rocky - Bad Lippspringe 2019 What a pleasure it was to spend the afternoon with Madi and Rocky at Bad Lippspringe Show. 

In complete contrast to the snow we had the weekend before, this weekend was glorious! 28 Degrees in April. I will miss the strange weather of Germany when I go home.

Madi and Rocky were competing in the KI.L* Class which in England would be the Elementary Level. 

I must admit im not always a fan of watching the warm ups for dressage, I get a little frustrated with continuously seeing horses pulled into the bit so far they can hardly see where they are going and nosebands / flashes so tight im surprised they can get air. I know that's a controversial subject but its just my personal pet hate.

Now watching Madi is a completely different story, I love the fact she comes into the warm up and just walks around on a nice long rein with Rocky stretching down and relaxed.

MadiRocky.2019 (1 of 1)-11MadiRocky.2019 (1 of 1)-11

She does not rush him and as she continues with the warm up the reins are taken up very gently and softly, a littler bit at a time, and of course when she does ask for any contact, Rocky obliges like a true gentleman.

MadiRocky.2019 (1 of 1)-14MadiRocky.2019 (1 of 1)-14


What I also love about them is they clearly have a super bond and friendship which goes a long way to helping them work together as a Team.


MadiRocky.2019 (1 of 1)MadiRocky.2019 (1 of 1)

MadiRocky.2019 (1 of 1)-15MadiRocky.2019 (1 of 1)-15

MadiRocky.2019 (1 of 1)-9MadiRocky.2019 (1 of 1)-9

It was quite a big class with 37 entries so I think made and Rocky did exceptionally well coming in 6th place.

MadiRocky.2019 (1 of 1)-20MadiRocky.2019 (1 of 1)-20 Well Done to you both :-) XXXX

And here is a picture of us all together!

MadiRocky.2019 (1 of 1)-2MadiRocky.2019 (1 of 1)-2

You can see all of the photos here - p516117483

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Searching for new Talented Riders Screenshot 2019-01-05 at 12.05.25Screenshot 2019-01-05 at 12.05.25

(Christina Draper Photography) art competing dressage equestrian equine hampshire horse photography portraits rider share sponsorship talented uk warmblood wiltshire Sat, 05 Jan 2019 11:06:21 GMT
High Speed Fine Art shoot This week I Photographed Madi and Rocky using high speed flash on a cloudy day. 

I have never done this kind of Photoshoot with both horse and rider before and was quite pleased with the results. As always Rocky was a super star and posed beautifully for the camera.

Here are some of the results, I hope you like them.


Diese Woche fotografierte ich madi und Rocky mit High speed Flash an einem wolkbaren Tag.

Ich habe diese Art von fotoshooting noch nie mit Pferd und Reiter gemacht, bevor ich mit den Ergebnissen zufrieden war. Wie immer Rocky war ein super Star und hat wunderschön für die Kamera gepolt.

Hier sind einige der Ergebnisse, ich hoffe, sie mögen sie.

Madi.Rocky (1 of 1)-5Madi.Rocky (1 of 1)-5 Madi.Rocky.Flash (1 of 1)Madi.Rocky.Flash (1 of 1) Madi.Rocky (1 of 1)-4Madi.Rocky (1 of 1)-4


(Christina Draper Photography) art Dressage Equestrian Equine EquinePhotography Fine Flash High Horse pferd Photographer Photography Photos Portraits Rider Speed Warmblood Mon, 22 Oct 2018 09:05:54 GMT
Madi & Rocky Fun Shoot So I finally managed to get out in the fields with Madi and Rocky for our first session together.

We decided to go for a relaxed fun shoot this time and save the full portraits for the next shoot. Rocky is an absolute star and really is the most chilled out warmblood I have met. Such a gentle boy, even though he is massive!!

The Team had a show planned for this weekend but unfortunately Rocky was showing a slight bit of swelling on his leg. Hopefully we can get out to his next show before the season ends.

All of the photos can be found in Madi and Rocky's Album. CLICK HERE 


Also konnte ich endlich in den Feldern mit Madi und Rocky für unsere erste Sitzung zusammen.

Wir beschlossen, dieses Mal einen entspannten Spaß zu machen und die Porträts für den nächsten schießen zu speichern. Rocky ist ein absoluter Star und ist wirklich der gekühlteste, der sich von mir gekillt hat. So ein sanfter junge, auch wenn er riesig ist!

Die Team hatte eine Show für dieses Wochenende geplant, aber leider zeigte Rocky eine kleine schwilligenbisse an seinem Bein. Hoffentlich können wir bis zur nächsten Show raus, bevor die Saison endet.

Alle Fotos finden Sie in madi und rockys Album Hier drüben

Madi and Rocky2 (1 of 1)Madi and Rocky2 (1 of 1)

Madi.Rocky6 (1 of 1)Madi.Rocky6 (1 of 1)

Madi and Rocky (1 of 1)Madi and Rocky (1 of 1)


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Phoebe & Tessa - Stückenbruk Sende 2018 So today was really not Tessa's Day at Stuckenbruk as she took poles down in every class. 

However I am totally and utterly super proud of her because she gave it 150% and tried her hardest when the classes were all much higher than expected the ground was as deep as hell and she did three classes in 28 degrees!!.

She was clearly tired by the end but there was no fuss or being silly and she still jumped her heart out ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Well done to Phoebe for some super riding today.

I would also like to give Phoebe and Tessa's Trainer Felicity a shout out I know Phoebe and Tessa appreciate your support.

Also their other sponsor Ben (B. Pöhler Gartenbau) as without him driving Tessa in his trailer these tournaments would not be possible.

Please go and follow......


Stuckenbruk (1 of 1)Stuckenbruk (1 of 1) 39569767_664502227255374_6341284999387414528_n39569767_664502227255374_6341284999387414528_n 39535796_664502223922041_4302365029275009024_n39535796_664502223922041_4302365029275009024_n


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Schloß Holte Stuckenbrúck 2018 - Phoebe & Tessa So after only one training session following a three week break, Phoebe and Tessa competed in two classes this weekend. Both Style classes so judged rather than timed etc. The first class was up to 70cm and she scored 7.5, however this was taken down to 7 because of time faults. Tess was on a go slow!

The second class was 85cm and she scored 7.2. Unfortunately not placing but as always they are super proud of going clear.

Schloss Holte (9 of 10)Schloss Holte (9 of 10) Schloss Holte (3 of 10)Schloss Holte (3 of 10)

(Christina Draper Photography) Sun, 12 Aug 2018 15:48:57 GMT
Schloß Holte Stuckenbrúck 2018 - Madi & Rocky This was my first time out to see Madi and Rocky (Rockabilly 5) in action. They were competing at KI.L* Level and im no dressage expert but to me it looked amazing :-)

Im looking forward to going out with them again  in two weeks time where I will have more time to spend with them as they prepare, compete and hopefully do very well.

Here are the pictures from Schloß Holte.

The rest can be found in the Sponsored Riders Gallery 

Schloss Holte (3 of 15)Schloss Holte (3 of 15) Schloss Holte (4 of 15)Schloss Holte (4 of 15) Schloss Holte (5 of 15)Schloss Holte (5 of 15)

(Christina Draper Photography) Sun, 12 Aug 2018 12:45:23 GMT
New Young Rider 2018 - Madi and Rocky I would like to introduce you to my second sponsored round rider for 2018.

Madi is 13 and from Hövelhof in Germany and Rocky is a 12 year old Oldenburg Gelding.
Madi has been riding Rocky for around a year but he has been with the family since he was 3. Their favourite thing is Dressage. This year they have qualified and competed in the Westfalen Championships and next year she hopes they will make it to the German Championships.

Schloss Holte (14 of 15)Schloss Holte (14 of 15)

Schloss Holte (3 of 15)Schloss Holte (3 of 15) Schloss Holte (13 of 15)Schloss Holte (13 of 15)

(Christina Draper Photography) Wed, 01 Aug 2018 12:38:00 GMT
Phoebe & Tessa Delbrück Osterland 2018 Phoebe and Tessa Delbrück Osterland June 2018

Had a fantastic day supporting our young Rider Phoebe and her pony Tessa at her second German Tournament.

They had a good clear round in her first class despite having a few wardrobe malfunctions and came 10th out of 21. 

Her speed class was going so well with them clearly taking the lead until they had an unfortunate pole down at the last fence, but completed in 46 seconds! Cobs are amazing!!

Tessa Osterland (9 of 15)Tessa Osterland (9 of 15) Tessa Osterland (4 of 15)Tessa Osterland (4 of 15)

(Christina Draper Photography) Sat, 30 Jun 2018 14:28:00 GMT
First young Rider 2018  

I am Thrilled to Welcome my first young rider of 2018.

Phoebe is 15 and originally for Cornwall UK, now living in Germany and Tess is a 11 year old traditional Irish cob mare.

They have been partners for the last 4 years and their favourite thing is show jumping!

This year they will start competing in German Tournaments and hope to achieve some good results in the WB and E classes which is up to 85cm.

I had the pleasure of joining her on her first tournament where she was thrilled to get 2 clear rounds and place 4th!

Well done! 

Im looking forward to future shows.



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